Why Humans should be more kind and positive.

Ashmit Singh
2 min readJun 11, 2021

Be the change that you want to see most in the world.

The quality of being kind and treating people with kindness and respect will help you to make a great impact on someone's life.

When you treat people with the kindness they will treat you too. If you want to be a positive person you should have to live with positive people.

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When you wake up in the morning at least give 5 minutes to think positive. When your day begins with positive thinking then it gets a higher chance to be your whole day positive. When you stay positive you feel so great.

When you wake up in the morning first you should thank everything you have. You should thank god that dear god, thanks for waking up this morning I will do my best today. I will do something productive today I will always stay positive all day.

Always be kind to everyone help someone if they need any help it will feel you motivated and positive and you will feel great after helping someone.

Meditate every day, when you wake up don’t check your phone. Most people check their phone, emails, messages, Facebook, Instagram, etc… because there is a famous quote “What we focus on will determine our destiny so we must focus on our good stuff.” So we must focus on the good stuff in the morning like you should do meditation, think positive, read some good stuff, etc…

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Meditation will help you to motivate in your life. It helps you to open and keep your brain focused and more productive. When you start meditation for the first time maybe it will be hard for you but it will get easy with time and you will be more dedicated to your work.



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